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The Nuova FMI Group s.r.l.. is a company operating in the field of can making production machines, providing spare parts and service as well as complete machine revisions.

The Nuova FMI Group s.r.l. is the heir of an industrial experience dating back to the early 1900s, with a specialization in the field of metal packaging acquired since 1927, with the construction of the first Italian automatic line, thanks to the engineering Mr. Bencini.

The Officine Bencini brand, then FMI (Fabbrica Macchine Industriali), later also FMI-MECFOND, then Nuova FMI, designed and built all types of plants for the production of metal boxes and lids for the preservation of agri-food products , drinks and general lines. Today, these plants work all over the world, with reliability and consistency.

Nuova FMI Group s.r.l is now able to provide original spare parts, assistance, complete revisions for FMI machines, as well as total support for other brand machines, as the FMI brand is the first in its can making sector that has made the school.

Spare parts management and technical assistance provide customers with fast and efficient responses, allowing any operational difficulties to be overcome.

In particular, the Nuova FMI Group s.r.l is focusing its research on state-of-the-art applications on restyling used machines, placing itself at the forefront of machine vision version 4.0.

The future of Industry 4.0 is based on futuristic vision in all industrial sectors, and the production of metallic containers is one of the oldest ones to be developed and has applied electronics industry findings to mechanics. For this reason, it would be a ‘Industrial Revolution 4.0’ in all respects in a sub-sector that did not need years of major changes due to the ever-valid and reliable mechanics.


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Refurbished Can Making Machine
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