Nuova FMI Group meets Agrosistemi

Meeting at the Agrosistemi headquarters to outline the future of Can Making

Nuova Fmi Group Can Making Machinery Agrosistemi

On May 31, 2019 at the headquarters of Agrosistemi srl in Angri, a cognitive meeting was held between dr. Michele Grimaldi , co-founder of Agrosistemi and dr. Francesco Lombardo executive director of Nuova FMI group srl.

Nuova Fmi Group Can MakingFor almost 100 years engaged in the metal packaging sector with the production of machines and complete lines , the FMI has presented to Agrosistemi , engaged above all in technical consultancy to companies in the agro-food sector , its new idea of ​​production line for the developing market.

It is a low production of metal boxes that can meet the needs of the conserves , especially in remote areas of the planet far from industrial areas .

The production of metallic packaging has always been centralized in highly industrialized areas, penalizing with great production potential (agricultural crops, fishing, etc.).

The dott. Grimaldi enthusiastically welcomed the new project idea of ​​the FMI and expressed confidence in being able to undertake a fruitful collaboration together.

Also present at the meeting were the CEO of Nuova FMI Group , Ms Borrelli Annarita and Mr. Zolferino Maurizio, member of Agrosistemi.




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