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Production Line E.O.E. from FMI

Production line of metal covers with easy opening of the FMI

metal lids production line

On this page we will describe our automatic production line for easy opening metal lids produced by the Nuova Fmi Group (Full Open and Easy Open). The following system of metal lids works at 700 strokes per minute, with mold covers and integrated key mold, ensuring a 3-way mold production of about 2000 lids per minute.


The lowering power of the mold slide is 100 tons. The conveying system and the relative stations are controlled by electronic devices that in the event of an emergency proceed to stop the machine producing metal covers. The protective coating in the internal and external incision area of ​​the converted cover is performed with two different systems:

  • Up to 400 metal lids per minute the rotating gun system is used
  • For larger productions the fixed pistol system is used with a rotating lid on a motorized plate

Subsequently the converted lids are ready for seaming, after quality control in the laboratory, as shown in the following video attached.

For any information regarding the operation of the line, spare parts or questions of any kind, do not hesitate to contact us through our channels shown here .

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