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Overhalued and Modernized End Line FMI canmaking

Nuova FMI Group srl is pleased to present the completely Revised and Modernized lids line. You will notice in the video the completely replaced PLC, the latest generation of sensors and actuators, the lining machine with an ‘oblique’ picker to facilitate the descent of the lid, the ‘pocket’ oven, the presence of inverters on the whole line. The Nuova FMI Group achieved an increase in production from 250 effective stroke to 340 effective stroke on the 73mm dia, and from 200 effective stroke to 250 effective stroke on the 99mm dia. If you have a line of covers that you are no longer satisfied with, ask for a free quote or, if you want to expand your production and do not want to make a long and hard investment to amortize, ask for an offer for a completely Overhauled and Modernized Guaranteed Line for 2 years. Right now we have one available!

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Increase the efficiency of your seamer

Increase the efficiency and potential of your seamer with the Nuova Fmi Group! seamer

The seaming is an action with which a cylindrical jar and a lid are joined together.

The seamer is put in place by inserting cans in special boxes that rotate and lift up to join with the lid to be crimped. When the can and lid are locked together, special tools called “Rolls” (First and Second Operation) that fold the cover and cover sheet are used. The first part of the seam is used to prepare and fold the sheets so that the Second Operation go and crush the jar and make it sealed (sealed). The quality of the seal depends on various elements such as length, thickness and extension of the overlap between the edges of the lid and the body of the can.

With the review and enhancement service for Nuova Fmi Group Metal Packaging Seamers , your seamer will be like new! Through our review, it will no longer be necessary to waste precious time to adjust the speed of the machine, in fact after this it will be possible to crimp even at high speed, without having problems with blocks or tangles that prevent the operation of the seamer itself.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our review and upgrading service!

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Three Piece Metal Container Production Line

production of three-piece metal containers

The Nuova Fmi Group has experience in the production of automatic lines for the production of metal boxes dating back to 1927.

Over the years, innovations have made it possible to achieve extremely high production speeds, with a considerable saving in raw materials.

The three-piece metal container production facility, to which the relative multimedia content is attached, produces with two distinct lines boxes of canned tomatoes of various sizes.

The lines

The first line reaches a production rate of about 700 boxes per minute, the second more than 300 boxes per minute.

Both lines have a closed cycle, both clamps coming from the cutting sectors, instead of being stored they directly feed the welding machine

The shears cut the tinplate according to the settings entered to realize the type of container desired.

The power supply of the welder in the line is direct: in fact the batteries thus formed reach by means of a robotized conveyor the warehouse of the welding machine; here the operations of cylinder calendering and of electrowelding with overlapping of the edges will be carried out.

The protective paint of the weld bead is dried and polymerised in the horizontal furnace, of which the box bodies are sent for final operations.

For any information regarding the operation of the line, spare parts or questions of any kind, do not hesitate to contact us via our channels shown here .

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