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La Nuova FMI Group srl at the Labor Festival

On the occasion of the Labor Festival, on 20 and 21 June 2019, at the Centro Milano Congressi, Nuova FMI Group srl represented by its CEO Annarita Borrelli, its Executive Director dott. Lombardo Francesco and the Business Consultant dr. Giuseppe Amica, was present at the event to observe the orientations of the world of work in Italy. In particular, the attention of the Nuova FMI Group has focused on the work of the future and its placement within the 4th Industrial Revolution, as well as on the Training of the Future. Nuova FMI Group is developing two futuristic projects on data digitization and the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality in the industrial sector, specifically in the sector of design, production, maintenance and overhaul of machines for the production of metal boxes – canmaking. The Vision of the Nuova FMI Group has found comfort in the open attitude of the categories involved in the Labor sector and this has confirmed the goodness of the two projects that will give life to a New Era of Training with high added value digital educational tools.

Il Direttore Esecutivo ed il CEO della Nuova FMI Group srl

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Overhalued and Modernized End Line FMI canmaking

Nuova FMI Group srl is pleased to present the completely Revised and Modernized lids line. You will notice in the video the completely replaced PLC, the latest generation of sensors and actuators, the lining machine with an ‘oblique’ picker to facilitate the descent of the lid, the ‘pocket’ oven, the presence of inverters on the whole line. The Nuova FMI Group achieved an increase in production from 250 effective stroke to 340 effective stroke on the 73mm dia, and from 200 effective stroke to 250 effective stroke on the 99mm dia. If you have a line of covers that you are no longer satisfied with, ask for a free quote or, if you want to expand your production and do not want to make a long and hard investment to amortize, ask for an offer for a completely Overhauled and Modernized Guaranteed Line for 2 years. Right now we have one available!

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